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Yamadera, Yamagata



Renowned Edo Period (1603-1868) haiku poet Matsuo Basho traveled松尾芭蕉 through Yamagata and composed numerous poems while writing his major work titled The Narrow Road to the Deep North(奥の細道). During his travels, he visited Yamadera, also known as Risshaku-ji Temple, Yamadera was founded approximately 1200 years ago, and its eternal flame has continued to burn brightly from the time of the temple’s founding to this day.

Kompon-chudo 根本中道

Located around the base of the mountain, Kompon-chudo Hall, a beech wood building is the temple's oldest and stores Buddhist statues and a flame that is said to have been burning since Yamadera's foundation. The flame had been brought from Enryakuji Temple延暦寺 in Kyoto, the head temple of the Tendai sect, to which Yamadera belongs.

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