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Noji Onsen Hotel, Fukushima Pref.


Located on a plateau at an altitude of 1,200m, Noji Onsen Hotel offers 6 large public baths with different atmosphere. Three of them are set to be used by men and women every three hours. The free-flowing hot spring is characterized by milky white turbidity and soft sulfur spring, which is said to be effective for skin diseases.

I liked Senju no Yu 千寿の湯 the best, which has three connected baths with different temperatures ranging from hot to lukewarm. A cloudy sulfur spring, a dark brown cypress bathtub, and a dimly lit room filled with steam create the atmosphere of a rustic country hot spring.

At Tengu-no-Yu 天狗の湯, you can slide the door into the open-air bath while soaking in the bath, so even someone like me, who doesn't like sitting still in the hot water, can enjoy a long soak.

Access About 25 minutes by Shinkansen from Sendai to Fukushima , and another 50 minutes by free shuttle bus from the bus stop at the Fukushima Station West Exit to the hotel.

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