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Travel Kids Co., Ltd. is a licensed general travel agency in Tokyo, handling both domestic and overseas travels, and acting as a land operator for Japan tours.


Since our establishment in 1999, we have introduced many customers not only to domestic tour destinations but also to other countries around the world for about 20 years.  Specializing in tailor-made tours, we customize a tour according to client’s request and propose an original plan.


From the initial stage, we have been developing Japan-bound business (Inbound) from China, and the number of people handled exceeded 10,000 in 2015.  Thereafter, the business has been going well, and recently inquiries from Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines are increasing.


In 2017, we newly grouped a company specializing in medical tourism, and will strengthen this field, because demand from overseas is expected to increase in the future. As you know, medical tourism is positioned as one of the growth strategies of the Japanese government, and they are encouraging people around the world to use medical institutions in Japan.


We will continue to make efforts to provide travel services that meet customer’s expectations.

Company Profile


Medical Tourism in Japan

Japan has been very successful in attracting tourists every year.  In addition to offering a variety of tourist attractions, Japan actually does have some great quality healthcare facilities.  It is said that the Japanese enjoy the best health status in the world.  Japan introduced universal health coverage in 1961, confirming access to healthcare for every single citizen.  Since then, healthcare infrastructure has been developed greatly, and it now has 1.5 times more acute hospital beds per capita compared to Germany or to Korea and more MRI machines than any other countries.


This well-designed infrastructure has contributed to early detection and diagnosis of diseases, thus improving the health status of Japanese people. Utilizing its own strength, Japan started to accept foreign patients in the last few years.  It does not take so much time until Japan is   recognized as the preferred medical tourism destination in the world.


Medical check-ups utilize the latest technology in CT, MRI and PET scans. These state-of-the-art facilities allow detection of cancer in the early stages itself, when it’s very much controllable and curable. Specializing in PET - CT MRI, Nippon Medical School Imaging Center for Healthcare (NMS) offers the most advanced medical examinations.  Jointly with our sister company, Japan Medical Promotion (JMP) who has been appointed as an official coordinator of the Center, we are able to provide comprehensive support for visitors to Japan including interpreters, transportation and accommodations.

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