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Japan is a holiday destination that guarantees a unique experience to each traveler, whether it be sampling Japanese delicacies or strolling through an old castle town.   There are also many charms in towns that have deviated from the major travel route.   Tourist Map of Japan

白石川堤一目千本桜 Hitome Senbon-zakura


Shiroishi Riverbank Hitome Senbon-zakura or Hitome Senbon Zakura

Approximately 1,200 trees are lined up for 8 kilometers on both sides of the Shiroishi River and the banks turn pink from mid to late April.  There are many kinds of cherry trees such as white mountain cherry, double-flowers, and an abundance of Yoshino cherry, the most common type in Japan.

​Cherry Blossoms in Southern Hokkaido

松前公園  Matsumae Park

See some of Japan’s best blossoms at Matsumae Park.

With around 10,000 trees and 250 different varieties of cherry blossoms, Matsumae Park is an amazing place in spring. 

Thanks to the many varieties of cherry blossoms in the park, Matsumae has a long blooming season, with the delicate pink and white blossoms appearing from late April through late May.

馬籠宿  Magome-juku

馬籠宿 Magome-juku​

The cobblestones on which you walk in the center of Magome-juku in Gifu Prefecture have a history. In the Edo period (1600-1868), merchants and samurais trod them to reach Edo (Tokyo), which was the political capital, and Kyoto, home to the Imperial Palace. The town was an important stage (the 43rd of 69) on the Nakasendo trail, which covered a distance of around 534 km. Today, the town is perfectly preserved ‘open-air museum’.