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’Warasse’ Nebuta Museum, Aomori

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ

The Wa-rasse Museum opened in Aomori city in 2011 and is dedicated to the Nebuta Festival, which takes place every year in August (2 to 7 August). There are five Nebuta floats on display as well as audio visuals recapturing the sights and sounds of the Nebuta. These floats represent historical figures or scenes, but also flowers or animals. There are made of paper stretched over bamboo and wooden (or wire) structures. Bright and colorful, the floats can be up to 9 meters wide, 7 meters long, and 5 meters high.

The museum is located right next to Aomori Station in Aomori’s central waterfront district, a two-minute walk from the station.

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