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Uraku-en Japanese Garden, Inuyama City

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Uraku-en Japanese Garden 有楽苑, at Hotel Indigo Inuyama Uraku-en, 300m east of Inuyama Castle, is particularly noted for the ‘Jo-an如庵’ teahouse.

The ‘Jo-an’ teahouse was built by tea-master Oda Urakusai 織田有楽斎 (or Nagamasu 長益), younger brother of Oda Nobunaga. Considered a masterpiece of architecture, the ‘Jo-an’ teahouse was originally built in 1618 in the grounds of the Kennin-ji temple建仁寺in Kyoto. It was relocated to Tokyo and later Kanagawa before finally coming to Inuyama in 1972, where it became part of Uraku-en Japanese Garden.

The ‘Jo-an’ teahouse was designated a National Treasure in 1951 and is one of Japan’s three finest tea houses along with Tai-an 待庵at Myoki-an 妙喜庵 in Kyoto and Mitsu-an 密庵 at Ryuko-in 龍光院 in Kyoto.

Although entry to the ‘Jo-an’ teahouse 如庵 is restricted, you can enjoy matcha green tea and a Japanese sweet at the ‘Ko-an 弘庵’ teahouse which was newly built in 1986 by Takeda Kotaro, former president of Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd., for holding tea ceremonies.

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