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Tokyo Cycling Tour 2018-2019

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Visit Akihabara by Power Assist Electric Bicycle and enjoy Japanese Anime, Pop culture and ‘Shitamachi' atmosphere with an English speaking tour coordinator.

Akihabara is known as the center place for enthusiastic fans of Japanese games, comics and animation to draw. The district is considered as the most culturally sacred place for ‘geeks’ in Japan owing to iconic and symbolic spots of popular Japanese Anime and Manga, Pop-idols shops, Anime and Manga merchandise stores, Maid-cafes and much more! There are also many sightseeing spots such as nature-rich parks and historical shrines, which let visitors experience both modern and traditional Japan. During the tour you will forget about time because you will be absorbed in the charm of Akihabara.

Enjoy efficiency of the Japan-Made Power Assist Electric Bicycle (Panasonic, Yamaha and Bridgestone) and experience the extra-ordinariness through this tour.

The tour visits:

- Akihabara Radiokaikan (a well-known landmark in Akihabara)

- Taito Station (Game Centre )

- Don Quijote (Discount shop)

- Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan (The shop is full of ‘Gachapon’ capsule toy machines.)

- Super Potato (Specializing in secondhand retro-games and consoles such as the Super NES.)

- Kanda Myojin Shrine (Kanda Jinja is a shrine in Tokyo with a long and complex history. It has been influential since it was built nearly 1300 years ago, held great prominence during the Edo period, and oddly enough is now a destination for anime fans. Nozomi Tojo from the popular anime Love Live! is Kanda Jinja's official mascot. )

- Shinobazu-no-ike Pond (The pond, located within Ueno Park, is a natural pond, inhabited by tens of species of migrant and resident birds and, in summer, covered with lotus leaves adorned with pink flowers.)

- Kaneiji Temple (Built in 1625, the temple had Tokugawa clan support from the beginning. In fact, its land was donated by Tokugawa Hidetada, the third son of Ieyasu and the second shogun. )

- Yanaka Cemetery (One of Tokyo’s most famous graveyards. Popular spots in Spring because of a beautiful alley of cherry trees. )

- Yanaka Ginza (Let's walk to Yanaka Ginza where the shitamachi atmosphere, an old town ambience reminiscent of Tokyo from past decades, still survives.)

Tour Price: JPY6,500 yen, per person

Tour Code: TKSYUK-AKB1

Time: 10:00-13:30 (3.5 hours)

The Min. No. of Pax required: 2 pax. (The Max.: 6 pax)

The price includes: Rental fee for the electric bicycle, A snack and A bottle of soft drink


Please mention Tour code, Date, Full name, No. of participants, Staying hotel in Tokyo and client’s contact.

Deadline: Please make a reservation 3 days in advance from the day before the tour date.

Confirmation: Subject to availability

Cancellation penalty: If cancelled prior to the tour date, no penalty is required.

Remarks: The tour will be changed to Akihabara Walking Tour in case of light rain. 

In case of heavy rain, the tour will be cancelled.


Options: Costume rental is available.

1 set 1 person JPY3,500

2 sets 2 persons JPY6,000

3 sets 3 persons JPY7,500

(From 4 sets, additional one set costs JPY2,500.)


Planning & Operation: Cleaty Service Co., Ltd.

Assembly Place: MAACH Euchyut Kanda Banjyo Bridge DoCoMo Bike Sharing Management Office (1-25-4 Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

(Revised on 04Dec18)

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