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Tokoname, Aichi Pref.


Tokoname, located in the south of Nagoya near Chubu International Airport, has been a center of pottery production dating back to the Heian Period (794-1185) and remains Japan's foremost producer of maneki neko figures. Tokoname is the oldest of the Six Ancient Kilns 六古窯 in Japan, which are spread out all across the country - Shigaraki (Shjiga), Bizen (Okayama), Tamba (Hyogo), Echizen(Fukui), Seto (Aichi) , and Tokoname (Aichi).

Take a walk along the Pottery Footpath. On the top of Manekineko Street, the giant head of a Manekineko called Tokonyan is overlooking the city, which is a popular picture spot.

Along the Pottery Footpath, there are many shops selling all kinds of household items, but for the biggest choice, you should check Ceramall. A shopping mall specializing in ceramics.

Countless shops selling all kinds of household wares are located along the Pottery Footpath. But for the biggest selection, you need to check out Ceramall. A shopping mall dedicated to pottery. The main reasons to shop at Ceramall are great prices and a wide selection of items.


From Meitetsu Nagoya to Tokoname, about 40 min. by Airport Line bound for Chubu International Airport

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