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National Treasure Inuyama Castle

国宝 犬山城

Looking out over the Kiso River 木曽川, Inuyama Castle is said to have the oldest existing castle tower, famous for its early watchtower type features. The castle was designated as a National Treasure in 1952.

Inuyama Castle was founded on a small hill by Oda Nobuyasu, Oda Nobunaga’s uncle in 1537 during Muromachi period (1336-1568). The top floor of the castle is an observation platform that gives you fantastic panoramic views of the wide river, the old city, and the rolling hills on all sides.

Sanko Inari Jinja shrine 三光稲荷神社, which sits at the foot of the hill, is a place of worship with a short tunnel of red torii gates. The shrine is said to bring fortune in matchmaking, and also known as a shortcut to Inuyama Castle.

Inuyama castle is about a 20 minute walk either from Meitetsu Inuyama or Meitetsu Inuyama-Yuen stations.

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