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Magome-juku 馬籠宿

Magome-juku flourished as the 43rd post town on the Nakasendo Trail.

The cobblestones on which you walk in the center of Magome-juku in Gifu Prefecture have a history. In the Edo period (1600-1868), merchants and samurais trod them to reach Edo (Tokyo), which was the political capital, and Kyoto, home to the Imperial Palace. The town was an important stage (the 43rd of 69) on the Nakasendo trail, which covered a distance of around 534 km. Today, the town is perfectly preserved ‘open-air museum’.

Kanameya’s Gohei-mochi is famous in Magome-juku.

Easy Access from Nagoya

From Nagoya take the Shinano Express on the JR Chuo Main Line to JR Nakatsugawa. From there, a regular bus goes to Magome-juku.

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