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Let's travel to Hokkaido!

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Hokkaido at about 3 am on 06Sep18. The epicenter was about 27.3 km east of Tomakomai city, where the Hokkaido’s largest coal-fired power plant is situated. It has triggered landslides, caused the massive power outage across the entire island, affecting some 2.95 million households.

A week after the earthquake, some 1,650 households in Hokkaido are still without water supplies, and fully re-establishing the system is expected to take about one month, according to the Hokkaido Government.

However, if you trace the day-by-day restoration records, the speed is remarkable.

11:00 on 06Sep Shinkan and local trains across Hokkaido have stopped. Public bus services in Sapporo, Asahikawa and other locations have shut down.

11:10 on 06Sep Aviation authorities cancelled all flights at New Chitose Airport.

15:50 on 06Sep Hospitals are on emergency backup power. Officials say 6 of 12 key hospitals are partially or completely unable to deal with Emergency treatment in Sapporo city.

10:00 on 07Sep Hokkaido’s Shinkansen will likely resume at noon on Friday. Sapporo’s subway system is also set to restart.

11:00 on 07Sep New Chitose Airport has resumed operations.

18:00 on 07Sep Public utilities and transportation are gradually being restored. Half of Hokkaido’s households have their power back on.

I think the above fact will be a positive sign for whom wish to travel to Hokkaido in December.

Is it safe to travel to Hokkaido? At the moment, ‘SAFE’ is hard to answer. Because that is a risk for all of Japan. According to the recovery speed, travelling to Hokkaido in/after October should be OK.

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