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La Collina Omi-hachiman, Shiga Pref.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Omi-hachiman, Shiga Pref. 滋賀県 近江八幡

Designed by Terunobu Fujimori, La Collina Omi-hachiman was built on Jan. 9, 2015 as a confectionary factory. La Collina means ‘hill’ in Italian. This is a flagship facility of the Taneya Group, one of Japan's leading manufacturers of traditional Japanese sweets and has been based in Omi-hachiman since 1872. La Collina consists of a confectionary factory, cafes, restaurants, food court, shops and rice and vegetable farms.

Sitting on the shores of Lake Biwa and on the Nakasendo road between Tokyo and Kyoto, Omi was a thriving merchant town for centuries. The impressive Hachiman-bori Canal 八幡掘 provided transport, helping to make the city a powerhouse of trade. Later Hachiman was added to the name of the town in honor of the Shinto god of war, who has a home in town at Himure Hachimangu Shrine 日牟禮八幡宮.


From Kyoto to Omi-hachiman, about 40 min. by JR express train

From Omi-hachiman to La Collina, about 9 min. by local bus

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