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Hakodate Bay Area


The Bay Area facing Hakodate Port offers an expansive vista of the harbor. This area features a row of the Kanemori Redo Brick Warehouses, that have been converted into a unique shopping mall, enticing visitors to stop in and enjoy some shopping or a tea break.

Before the Shinkansen connecting Aomori and Hakodate opened, the Seikan Ferry operated between them. The Mashu-maru was the ferry at that time and is now docked at Hakodate Port as a memorial museum.

There may be a relatively large number of people who think Hakodate is famous for’ kaisendon’. ‘Kaisendon’ is a bowl of rice with slices of fresh seafood such as tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallop, carb, squid, salmon roe and sea urchin beautifully arranged on rice.

At Donburi Yokocho next to the Hakodate Morning Market, every restaurant has a large number of sample menus of ‘kaisendon’ that all looks the same, making it a bit cumbersome to choose. On my recent trip I chose a regular sushi restaurant over fancy ‘kaisendon’ and it was the right choice.

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