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Akafuku 赤福, Ise's Specialty

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Sekishin Keifuku 赤心慶福 is the word that came from the company name, Akafuku Co., Ltd. (Established in 1707 in Ise.). Sekishin 赤心 means a true heart with no lies. Keifuku 慶福 means joy in the happiness of the other party. In short, it means ‘sincerely wishing the happiness of others’.

Akafuku Mochi is a rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste. This unique shape symbolize the Isuzu-gawa river, which flows through the precinct of Ise Jingu Grand Shrine.

With its main branch located in Okage-Yokocho near Ise Jingu Grand Shrine, Akafuku’s ‘Akafuku Mochi’ is known throughout Japan as an Ise’s specialty. If you purchase it as a souvenir, be sure to give it to your friends quickly. Because no preservative is used, it expires after only two days.

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