Okuhida Onsen-go for Onsen Lovers


<Five rural and rustic onsen villages>

Okuhida Onsen-go 奥飛騨温泉郷, known as one of the best weekend getaway destinations for Onsen Lovers, is scattered with five rural and rustic hot spring villages; Hirayu 平湯, Fukuji 福地, Shin-Hirayu 新平湯, Tochio 栃尾and Shin-Hotaka新穂高. All are conveniently accessible on the same bus route. Located in the center of Japan, Okuhida Onsen can be easily accessed by public transportation from Tokyo, Matsumoto or Takayama.

From JR Nagoya station, take the Takayama Line to JR Takayama station. You can take one hour bus from there to Hirayu. From Hirayu, there is a bus line that runs to Fukuji, Shin-Hirayu, Tochio and Shin-Hotaka. Another line runs to Mt. Norikura.

<Easy access from Shinjuku, Tokyo>

From Shinjuku to Hirayu (bus terminal)

07:05⇒11:35, 08:15⇒12:45, 09:15⇒13:45, 11:05⇒15:35, 14:35⇒19:05, 17:05⇒21:35

For details, https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/highwaybus/shinjuku_en/

From Hirayu (bus terminal) to 4 other onsen villages and to Shinhotaka Ropeway

For details, https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/route_bus/shinhotaka-line-en/

<Shinhotaka Ropeway>

Don't miss a spectacular panoramic view of the Northern Japan Alps from the observation deck at the cable car terminus. The first leg of the ropeway stops at Nabedaira Kogen, which is the beginning of hiking trails. It is also the site of the Visitors Center, restaurants, a public bath. The second leg to the upper station is made in massive double-decker cable cars.

For details, http://shinhotaka-ropeway.jp.e.uk.hp.transer.com/

From Shinjuku to Matsumoto

06:05⇒09:23, 07:05⇒10:23, 07:55 ⇒11:13, 08:55⇒12:13, 09:55⇒13:13, 10:55⇒14:13, 11:55⇒15:13, 12:55⇒16:13, …

For details, https://www.alpico.co.jp/en/timetable/matsumoto/r-shinjuku-matsumoto/

From Matsumoto to Hirayu(bus terminal)

07:50⇒09:25, 09:55⇒11:30, 11:05⇒12:40, 13:05⇒14:40, 14:05⇒15:40, 17:05⇒18:40

For details, https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/highwaybus/matsumoto_en/#timetable

From Hirayu to Takayama

11:35⇒12:35, 12:45⇒13:45, 13:45⇒14:45, 15:35⇒16:35, 19:05⇒20:05, 21:35 ⇒22:35

For details, https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/highwaybus/shinjuku_en/

<Travel Kids’ Okuhida Onsen Selection>

1. Yamano Hotel 山のホテルat Shin-Hotaka Onsen

2. Sangetsu山月 at Shin-Hotaka Onsen

3. Sanga no Yu山がの湯at Hirayu Onsen

Yamano Hotel 山のホテルat Shin-Hotaka Onsen

Featuring 7 public hot-spring baths including a women-only open air bath and a fireplace lounge, Yamano Hotel offers classically furnished western rooms and traditional Japanese tatami matted rooms. Each has private facilities. Designed in the style of a Northern European mountain house, the hotel has free Wi-Fi in the lobby area. Japanese restaurant ‘Suzuya’ serves multi-course meals featuring Hida beef (Kuroge wagyu). Shin-Hotaka Ropeway is located in 5 min. drive by car. 86 rooms in total, Check-in 15:00, Check-out 10:00

For details, http://shinhodaka-yamanohotel.jp/en/

Sangetsu 山月at Shin-Hotaka Onsen

At the entrance, you’ll be overwhelmed by the massive beams made from 500-year old

Zelkova wood with traditional Japanese design, Hodakaso Sangetsu offers Japanese tatami matted rooms with private facilities. 7 public hot-spring baths including a women-only open air bath are available. An open-air bath can be reserved for private use at additional charge. If you are Onsen Lovers, join a complimentary hot spring tour visiting their sister hotel, Yamano Hotel. Two Japanese restaurants ‘Yoimachi-tei’ and ‘Hogetsu’ serve fresh local specialties including Hida beef (Kuroge wagyu). At Hodakaso Sangetsu you can enjoy authentic Japanese Ryokan experience. Free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby area. 51 rooms in total, Check-in 15:00, Check-out 10:00

For details, http://okuhida-sangetsu.jp/en/

Sangano Yu 山がの湯at Hirayu Onsen

Conveniently located a 3-minute walk from Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal, Hodakaso Sangano Yu offers traditional Japanese rooms with private facilities. There are indoor and outdoor large hot-spring baths for men and women and a women’s only ‘Ganban-yoku (bedrock bath). In addition, two charter open-air baths are available at additional charge. Japanese restaurant ‘Yamabudo’ and ‘Himetake’ feature well-known Hida beef (Kuroge wagyu) as main dish. Hodakaso Sanga no Yu is the ryokan to enjoy Okuhida’s hot springs and Kaiseki cuisine. Wi-Fi is available in the lobby area. 57 rooms in total, Check-in 15:00, Check-out 10:00

For details, http://okuhida-sanganoyu.jp/en/

<Suggested short trips from Tokyo >

Matsumoto is home to one of Nagano's most striking and historic sites, the famous Matsumoto Castle. This medieval fortress, a National Treasure, is one of Japan's premier historic castles and should not be missed if you're passing through the Nagano area.


Day 1 Shinjuku ⇒ Matsumoto city SS ⇒ Hotel

Day 2 Matsumoto ⇒ Hirayu ⇒ Shin-Hodaka Ropeway ⇒ Okuhida Onsen

Day 3 Hirayu ⇒ Shinjuku


Day 1 Shinjuku ⇒ Matsumoto city SS ⇒ Hotel

Day 2 Matsumoto ⇒ Hirayu ⇒ Shin-Hodaka Ropeway ⇒ Okuhida Onsen

Day 3 Okuhida Onsen ⇒ Takayama city SS ⇒ Hotel

Day 4 Takayama ⇒ Shirakawago ⇒ Kanazawa city SS ⇒ Hotel

Day 5 Kanazawa ⇒ Tokyo by JR (Hokuriku Shinkansen)


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