Akafuku 赤福, Ise's specialty --- It's my favorite sweets.

Sekishin Keifuku 赤心慶福 is the word that came from the company name, Akafuku Co., Ltd. (Established in 1707 in Ise.). Sekishin 赤心 means a true heart with no lies. Keifuku 慶福means joy in the happiness of the other party. In short, it means ‘sincerely wishing the happiness of others’.

With its main branch located in Okage-Yokocho near Ise Grand Shrine 伊勢神宮, Akafuku’s ‘Akafuku Mochi’ is known throughout Japan as an Ise’s specialty. Akafuku Mochi consists of sweet and smooth red bean paste coated on top of a firm yet soft mochi (Japanese rice cake).

If you purchase it as a souvenir, be sure to give it to your friends quickly. Because no preservative is used, it expires after only two days.

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