Japan is a country of stunning natural beauty, boasting a number of World Heritage sites, including the exquisite temples of Kyoto and Nara and the charming thatched roof dwellings of Takayama.  The distinctive seasons of Japan highlight nature’s grace, whether tinted with warm autumn colors or topped with snow.  In spring, the famous cherry blossoms delight the senses.

Popular Places to Visit in Japan for First Time Visitors

Tokyo, simultaneously modern and comfortable, yet traditional and chaotic, is endlessly fascinating in its variety.   Osaka is known as a city with a well-developed network of underground shopping areas.  The city is bursting with places to see and things to do. Scene of many epic battles in the feudal era and the core of Japan's manufacturing and technological strength, Nagoya and its vicinity offer natural splendor, traditional delights and modern wonders.  Kyoto was Japan's capital for over 1,000 years, and ruling that time became the repository of much of the best Japanese art, culture, religion and thought.  Fukuoka is known for its Hakata-ori textiles, and gala festival of Hakata Dontaku, as well as refined Hakata clay dolls. In summer Sapporo Odori Park is full of beer gardens, while in winter it becomes the location for a snow festival. During the festival, this big park is lined with magnificent snow statues.

This movie vividly portrays the traditional, modern and natural attractions of Tokyo, Kyoto and other locations throughout Japan  from  a unique perspective.

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